Tell your lawmakers: Airbnb is great for NYC

New York City is an expensive place to live in. For many of our hosts, sharing their home on Airbnb allows them to earn a little extra money to pay the rent, meet their mortgage, and cover rising bills.

Airbnb also offers travelers a unique NYC experience and allows them to to live like locals in neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs.

And with the money travelers save by staying with Airbnb, they can often stay longer in NYC and spend more at local small businesses and shops recommended by their hosts.

Here’s a few important facts that highlight Airbnb’s economic impact on New York City in 2014:

Airbnb brings economic activity to neighborhoods in every corner of the city.

Airbnb hosts and guests brought $1.15 billion in economic activity to New York, including $235 million to the outer boroughs. Each of the 767,000 guests who visited New York last year contributed to this total--and many would not have been able to afford to come at all if not for Airbnb hosts.

For many hosts, Airbnb is an economic lifeline.

Over 72% of hosts in NYC use Airbnb to make ends meet by helping them pay their rent, make their mortgage, and meet the ever-rising cost of living in this great city.

Airbnb could increase tax revenue for our city and our state.

Airbnb wants to pay its fair share of taxes. If state officials allow Airbnb to collect and remit taxes on behalf of their hosts and guests, New Yorkers would gain an additional $65 million dollars in tax revenue.

As lawmakers debate home sharing, send them a quick email today and make sure they know about the economic activity the AirbnbNYC community brings to the city.

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